Khóa Chuyên Dụng Cho Cửa Trượt Nhôm PMI

Đánh giá: 10/10 - 126275 Bình chọn
  • Xuất sứ: Nhập khẩu chính hãng HOPO
  • Cấu tạo: Hợp kim kẽm, hợp kim nhôm hoặc hợp kim nhôm anốt
  • Khóa bướm
  • Khóa bán nguyệt
  • Khóa MA
  • Liên hệ: 0988 89 30 89 để được tư vấn.

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Khóa Chuyên Dụng Cho Cửa Trượt Nhôm PMI

  • Cửa mở trượt nhôm PMI sử dụng các loại khóa chuyên dụng: khóa bướm, khóa bán nguyệt, khóa MA chính hãng HOPO
  • Mỗi loại khóa có  thiết kế và công dụng khác nhau.

Khóa bướm

Cấu hình tiêu chuẩn bao gồm: chức năng tay nắm giả và giữ khóa.

khóa bướm hopo


Khóa bán nguyệt

  • Vật liệu: hợp kim kẽm, mạ bề mặt. Phần bản lề mở xoay trượt được làm từ thép không gỉ SS304.
  • Gồm 2 loại khóa gắn bên trái và gắn bên phải.

khóa bán nguyệt hopo


Khóa MA

  • Ứng dụng: Lắp cho cửa đi, cửa sổ mở trượt theo phương thức gắn chìm.
  • Cấu tạo: hợp kim thép, hợp kim kẽm được mạ bề mặt.
  • Ưu điểm: Do được gắn chìm nên giúp cửa hoạt động linh hoạt hơn.

khóa ma hopo cửa nhôm pmi


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  35. “it saddens me that each time he speaks he feels the need to point out his “biracial” heritage. Is this a way of slightly distancing himself from the Black community?”———————————–Then you haven’t been listening & you haven’t really been following Obama. He never wanted to get into the racial issue. He was forced to! Obama hardly ever mentions his white mother. You’re missing the point by a mile!He mentioned his white mother today to let America know who Barack is, what he has struggled through from both sides, & what Barack stands for. Barack showed himself as a leader–Very Presidential!

  36. Thank you for this, Jane. I realize that I should be focusing on all of the amazing things I’m juggling even if they cause some kind of emotional/existential struggle from time to time. Life is short. I know this. I’ve learned this. How do we balance the desire to make our days good and meaningful with the desire to just celebrate life qua life? I haven’t the faintest. Thank you for chiming in here. This is an important conversation, I think.

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  43. First – I LOVE lots of rambley comments scattered all over the place.Second – The labels are heinous and I wonder that they aren’t ALL insulting for a variety of reasons. I don’t think anyone likes being pigeon holed as “well meaning” as those pigeons, I mean labels may be.Third – So glad you commented and it’s really nice to meet you. I’m right in the middle of writing today’s post, but when I have a second will wander (race, actually) over to your blog to read all about you!

  44. I love your priority list. Mine is very simple, me and family is number one and then everything else is joint second. I will drop anything if it will affect me and my family. Blogging takes a lot of time and recently I haven’t been good at prioritising it – life has got in the way!I think I will give your rules a try. Maybe scheduling some blogging time would help. Great post Darlene. ~ Pru

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  46. Well, there’s certainly been “discussion” aplenty this evening. The usual suspects engage in wanton trollisms and ignore others’ valiant attempts at rational discussion. Seems like the usual suspects could benefit by being placed in a locked room to test their trollisms on one another to see who wins with the worst scheme. Except there’s nobody left to unlock the door….

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  49. I am the pastors wife here at Newcom A/G and I work with Wil and Linda at our church with their C.I.T.A. program……I thought I knew them but found out as I read their life story there is so much I don’t know about them!! I am so blessed to be a part of what God is doing through their mininstry….He has big plans!!!!!!!!

  50. Thanks for your comment Elena. It’s amazing how we tend to hold on to negative emotions rather than positive ones. It’s strange that we seem to store old fears, anxieties, guilt, anger etc. but often fail to recognise the value of banking good feelings.We get what we focus on so perhaps it;s better to remember the good times rather than the bad.And as you say maintaining healthy habits like sleep, diet and exercise help us stay on top

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  53. have you tried the Hunter’s Favorite sharp cheddar that Cabot makes? I love it and it is pretty sharp. That may work for you. I’m impressed with this recipe since it does not have cream or a massive amount of cheese in it and still looks/sounds so rich and good..-= nicole´s last blog .. =-.

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  55. Tillykke med din nye blog… Jeg hÃ¥ber du bliver glad for at blogge… Jeg er selv ikke god til at fÃ¥ blogget… Overskuddet har ikke været der i efterÃ¥ret, sÃ¥ ingen blog for mit vedkommende… Jeg har valgt ikke at dunke mig oveni hovedet med ikke at fÃ¥ det gjort… Hvis du render ind i en blog blokering, sÃ¥ vent til du igen har lyst… den er der nÃ¥r du har lyst :o)Det er et flot kort du har fÃ¥et lavet :o)Hilsen Sara

  56. It is notoriously a writer’s conundrum, that villains can be perilously more interesting than heroes. If care is not taken (John Milton, you wanna hold up PARADISE LOST here?) the villain can run away with the entire work. Cheap tricks can be resorted to, to make the villain repellent — puppy kicking, chain-smoking, ranting, and so on — but it is better to address these issues on a deeper level.

  57. And some shojin bibinbap at the Korean place opposite Iyemon Salon. Forgot the name, and can’t be bothered to fish the card out of my pocket, but it’s on the corner opposite Iyemon Salon. Not saying it’s delicious, just saying it’s vegetarian. And every eatery at the Hyatt Regency can do veggie stuff if you tell them what you can and can’t eat. I think the basement of Sfera does veggie lunches, and there are veggie meals in the grounds of Ryoanji (yudofu), Kodaiji (shojin) and some other place I forgot.

  58. si yotb tengo interés en saber que credibilidad tienen esos boletines pq madre mía en mi entorno la crisis solo se oye en los telediarios si habals algo todos te tachan de catastrofista y de pesimista..pero bueno el tiempo dará y quitará razonesVota el comentario: 0  0

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  60. something to the effect that he was the “boatman” in some monet painting or something and how offended he was by some fat guys on harleys that he felt should hop on a plane to Iraq or something for some patriotic displays or such, not realizing those dudes were probably vietnam vets and what not. The guy came off sounding like a prissy out of touch douchebag.

  61. Az első napos Dreonnar-ról sikerült lecsúsznom (Indy kidobott az ablakon, mert nem volt jegyem) így jelentkeznék ide tartaléknak, ha lehet. Tudom, hogy elvileg 0/5 van kiírva, de megadom a tiszteletet és az elsőbbséget az eddig ide íróknak, szóval csak akkor jönnék, ha beférek.

  62. Yesterday I woke up at 4:15am to my husband cursing, only to find out he had twisted the new blender instead of pulling up – spilling his entire smoothie all over the floor & counter! Worst part – we were out of protein mix and he was running late for rounds at the hospital! Guess who forgot to tell him how to use the new blender … Oops! Would love to try out some of the recipes!

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  64. Here in SPFLD, one of the main themes I hear about from everyone is distrust of the city infrastructure. The reservoir is polluted with feces bugs, the water has arsenic and when the tornado came through in 2006, the city did approximately nothing to help anyone. That woke a lot of folks up here.

  65. Tak Å‚atwo wami manipulować ? Byle gÅ‚upi troll potrafi skutecznie przekierować wÄ…tek dotyczÄ…cy Tuska na to, ze JarosÅ‚aw KaczyÅ„ski nie jest Adonisem. Trzeba to olać, a nie wdawać siÄ™ z takimi w pyskówki.Co do meritum notki to mam wÄ…tpliwoÅ›ci. Gdzie ma pracować syn Tuska, żeby byÅ‚o git ? W sektorze prywatnym ? Zle… Moze powinien zaÅ‚ozyć wÅ‚asnÄ… firmÄ™ ? Też byÅ‚oby niedobrze… Politycy zawsze bÄ™dÄ… mieli taki kÅ‚opot ze swojÄ… rodzinÄ…. Inna sprawa, ze ich dzieci jakoÅ› na bezrobociu nie lÄ…dujÄ….

  66. LOL! That’s what I thought! In my mind I also heard this little “SPROING!”I love this video. Now if the person who really made it would drop me a line, I can switch it to the proper user name so we know who to sing praises too!I also am off to get the other exclusive ingrown hair video up, so everyone has something to look forward to – and that video *is* done by “will it pop”. ~ H.S.

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  68. sans doute oui, et pas mal d’autres choses à vérifier comme je disais : les ancres, les textes des descriptions produits, les attributs des images, sans parler des liens entrants etc etc….tout en sachant que tout cela est un travail de longue haleine et qu’il faut sans cesse y revenir pour apporter un nouveau contenu !

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